Claire's Family Page
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Clairmarie's new baby Andrea

Andrea at Home !

The Inn at Montchanin Village - August / 2004

Claire  married Taylor William Hanavan  on April 16 1955. They had seven children and presently enjoy 24 grandchildren. The most recent addition to the family being Andrea, daughter of Clairemarie and Robert Field. Click here for the seven children and 24 grandchildren.

Jean Kelly, Amy Hanavan, Marybeth Hofman-Hanavan,Maura Cook, CM Field

Justin F, Nathan F, Anna F, Courtney, Hofman-Hanavan, Sarah F(Andrea F)front L-R Emma F, Molly C, Francis F,Jack K, Peter K, Taylor C, Ryan H

Nathan, Charlie, & Bill (Tim Hiding)

Notre Dame - Boston College Game - 10/23/04



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