Family Tree: Notes on Various Members

Carl Wilhelm Ludwig Huisking
Carl had a son, Paul, who married Anna Caesmann. Paul was a surgeon in the German Army in WWI and died in Romania. They had two children,Carl Huisking and Marianne Huisking.  Carl became a priest (Peter V. Huisking met him while in Germany) and Marianne was a teacher.  Carl died several years ago, and Marianne is in a rest home; she never married.
Peter V. Huisking had relayed this information from a friend who's grandfather Rudolph Caesmann was the twin brother of Anna Caesmann who married Paul. She said she there were no other Huiskings living in Germany, as far as she knew, and she had no had no additional information on the family, since her family is Caesmann.  Her aunt Elisabeth (daughter of Rudolf Caesmann) sent Peter family photos last year--2002, of Carl and Marianne's family (Elisabeth is 84). 

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