Key West - Christmas - 2008



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Opening gifts on Christmas morning

Jenn and Beth posing on our front porch

A quiet morning near Mallory Square

The southern most point on the island

Ryan about to go swimming

Ryan reading one of his new books

Ryan opening his gifts

John giving us a profile

Ryan playing at the library

Jenn relaxing on our front porch

Ryan playing with the fish

Frank, Jenn, Matt and Beth at the aquarium

Ryan trying to see in the tank

Matt and Ryan

Kelly and Ryan

Man studying the hammerhead

Ryan at the pool in our house

Matt and Jenn's dinner

Another street musician

Beth and Ryan

Ryan in the pool again

Matt and Jenn bicycling

Family bike ride

Marylou and Beth in front of our house

Grandpa going for a walk

Ryan playing with his gifts

Huge Nutcracker

The New Year's Eve Slipper

Our butler