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Glyco Reunion: July 22nd, 2006

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A Fag Defogs

Why did I invite these People


 The Brothers Grimm


The Star of the Party, Vin  with Lisa and Linda

A thorn between 2 roses


H/R Plotting again

The Butler Cleans Up

Val regaling the group

Marylou & Jeff

Val still regaling the group

Peg,Corey,Skip,Karl,Pat & Ira

Linda,Frank, Peter

Ira and Diane

Pat & Rick

Rick & Skip

Pat,Rick, Tom, Pat

Chuck,Chris,Eric & Jeff


Two Germans Plotting

Diane & Arlene

Ira Lecturing

still regaling Lynne

These weenies taste like defog

Peter,Lisa, Skip

Anna,Skip,Vin, & Peter

Peter,Anna,Skip,Vin,Ira, Karl

Frank bending Marylous ear

Matt & Rick

They still taste like defog

The Chefmeisters

Can I leave now? Eric

Rick & Chuck

Maggie,Diane, Anna, Peter

Lynne, Jeff, Anna, Maggie

Chuck,Rick,Pat, and Pat

Jen,Mat,Karl, Frank, Val, Corey

Arlene, Ira, Carol

Arlene,Carol, Beth

Skip,Pat, Tom

Marylou, Karl, Lynne, Pat

Corey & Peg

Jeff, Eric & Chuck

Maggie & Marylou

Lynne, Peter, 1/2 Rick

Courtney, Marybeth, Pat


Dry Dock Cafe: July 2005

Frank & Gertrude

Frank,Fran, Gertrude

Anna,Frank, Gertrude

Patty,Bob, Anna

Patty, Bob, Anna

Eric and Bob T.

Lynn, Rick, Fran

Lynn & Eric


Skip,Patty,Bob,Maggie,Anna, Lynn

The Group

Lynne & Matt

Dry Dock Cafe: Norwalk June 23, 2004
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