July 24, 2004 "Frank's Run For Governor Party" at Frank's Summer Home  
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Over 50 Huisking descendants, family & friends showed up at Frank's home in Guilford to welcome Laura, Kevin, and Nicholas "back east" from
"Arnold" land

Skips clan plus one

Rick Eating Again

Frank, Marylou & MaryBeth

Helen Cooking

Helen, Robin, Kara & Laura

Helens Clan

Jim,Sam,Frank, Laura, Maura

John & Leah Resting

Kevin, Nick,Laura, Jean

Matt, Sarah, Rick, Gene, Charlie

Matt, Grace, Frank

Sarah, Grace & Rick


Mary Elizabeth, Jean & Laura

Sarah, Grace  & Rick

Please email Skip for any corrections to names !


Charlie, Rick, Sarah & Frank

Julianne & Doug

Grace & ?

Chris, Courtney, Jean, Marybeth, & Peter

Taylor,Maura,Molly, Tim

Jean, Frank, Gina, Laura

Jimmy, Matt

Karen, Helen, Kara

& Laura, Karen, Helen, & Charlie

Robin Tatooing the Kids



Charlie surprising Sarah

And agan

Gina & Charlie


Maura, Beth, Leah, John & Frank

Doug & Kids

Frank, Sam, and Laura

Jean & Helen

Jean, Skip, Laura

Karen, Helen, Kara

Laura, Gina, Julieanne

Laura, Jean, Frank

Mary Elizabeth, Jean, Laura

Tim & Charlie

Peter enjoying the party



Tim, Maureen, Sara, Julianne

Grace & Grace

Maura, Beth, Leah, John, Frank

Sam, Laura, Maura

Matt and Skip


Grace & Grace

Helen, Robin, Kara, Laura

Hunter & Kara

Taylor, Marie, Julia, Jack

Molly, Taylor,Marie, Julia, &Jack

Jack, Julia, & Marie

Taylor and Molly

MaryLou and Beth

Robin and Pool

Kevin, Maureen, Sarah, Julianne

Courtney, Lisbeth, Susanna



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