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Papua Niugini

Visiting Sarah Atlanta


Bikini Atoll Bonaire 05 Windspirit 04 Borneo 03 Bass Attack !
Slowed Down !!!

Colonial Williamsburg


Papa Niuguini Grenada05 Cayman Brac 04 Costa Rica 03 Skunk Attack !

Meadowlands Cruise

Key Largo

Australia Truk 05 Bonaire 04 Galapagos 03 Bikini Video

HHS Reunion 08


Mexico Key Largo 05 Cozumel 04 St. Croix 03 Click here for More Video

Bermuda August 08

Raja Ampat

Turks&Caicos Wakatobi 05 Bay Islands 04 Little Cayman 03  

Colorado December 08


ND-Purdue Malaysia-Borneo   Cozumel 03 Archive Shots
      ND- Navy     Pick up Grace  

Skip (William W. Huisking jr) was born on Long Island, graduated from Notre Dame in 1972, and his first job was as an environmental engineer at a plant in Williamsport, PA (
Home of Little League Baseball). Rick Huisking started the same day but in Greenwich, Ct.
Because his first assignment was to to achievethe new standards by the EPA, the other employees placed a sign in the washrooms "Skip must wash his hands before and after using the restroom". To this day, as he enters a public restaurant restroom, he remains confused.
His career took him to Painesville, Ohio (
Wow), Greenwich, Ct.(site of the Kennedy/Moxley murder), back to Williamsport, to Norwalk, Ct.(where rt. 7 will NEVER be finished), to Fairlawn, NJ (next to the Nabisco Chocolate cookie plant), Visp, Switzerland (at the base of the Alps), Basel Switzerland (on the River Rhine), and then back to Fairlawn, NJ. - where every tuesday, the town smells like Chocolate cookies because of the cookie factory).
After almost 30 years (
without one single conviction we might add), , the company's management changed hands once again and the Specialty Chemical business was not what they really wanted to do (he liked packaging containers - go figure). So the support and money for growth was virtually eliminated. in 1999, Skip made the fateful decision -it was time to get out of the corporate world and, as one would intuitively expect, he became a scuba diver instructor. 
blah, blah, blah, or as Sara would say "loser"

He remains in Glen Rock, New Jersey, has a wonderful wife, 4 kids (
3 of which are phenomenal - Which 3 you ask? - he refuses to tell), a great brother Frank and sister Gina who are fantastic diving partners and best friends.  In between teaching scuba and following the fish, he works on several charitable and community programs.
Click for Skip's recent resume

Feb 05

A mind is a terrible thing to waste


Needs no explanation

Dec 03

Neighborhood Kids

Grace Busted !

Jason & Grace

Robin & Grace


Fordham Game


Grace & Monica

Becoming a Stylist !

In her Natural Environment

Cheering "Cuse"

Grace, Laura, & Sara

Bill & Santa

My Favorites: Particularly Sue

Lafayette Game



Lafayette Game


Waffle House




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