Cozumel May 2003 Reef Club Trip

  Cast:     Skip Huisking     Jimmy Settembrino
                Bill Huisking        Frank Huisking Jr.
                Matt Huisking     Al Tongo
                Jason Cook         Robb Egan

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Frank Jr.

Memorial Pool

Mr. Wonderful

I like this

Skip in H20

Bill & Rob

Fish 0 Us 10!

Fishing Boat

Getting Ripped


Do you Think

They Saw Us?

Dolphin Ride

The Group


They Like Me?

After the Pool

Before the Pool

She likes me

Dive Boat

Dolphin Group

I created Fire

The big J

Smells like Frank

The big Angler

Jimmy tired

Jimmy Planning

Jimmy Like Matt

Bill aka Superman

Jimmy happy

Jimmy as high

as he got

Mat after

Senior Frogs

Mat Barfing

Matts Fish

Smells like Frank

still smells

Like Frank

The evidence

Beach view

Rob Fishing

Smells like Jimmy

I ain't paying

no $150

Skip & Bill