Galapagos May 2003


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The trip included the most diverse wildlife I have ever experienced on either a dive or land trip. While the diving was a bit rough, it was well worth it. All the entries were from the zodiak and had to be right next to the rocky shore. (see picture above). If you didn't get close enough or took too long to get down, you were swept away with the current - never to be seen or heard from again. Fortunately I made it back. Even though it lies on the Equador (Ecudaor-duh!), the water temperature was in the high 60's and low 70's on most dives. Several were in the high 50's.
If you plan to go to the Islands, I would suggest going in the next several years. Ecuador has opened them up to the mainlanders for living. There are internet cafe's, B&B's, telephone centers, souvenier shops, restaurants, cats, dogs, and rats.

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