Diving the Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon January 2005
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The Truk Lagoon lies 650 miles from Guam in the South Pacific. A little over 2 years after Pearl Harbor, the US carrier Yorktown led an attack on Japaneses "Pearl Harbor"; its supply point for it war ships, planes, and submarines. Over 60 vessels were sunk in the 2-3 day period. Skip, Robin, Gina, Tommy, and Jimmy lived on the Aggressor dive boat for a week diving the wrecks.  We then spent a few days in Hawaii on the long 23 hour flights home. 


Dive Boat

Ship Placque

Camera Table on Ship

Nipo Maru Bridge

Zero Cockpit

Jimmy in Zero cockpit

Robin on Zero Wing

gas mask

FujiKawa Bow Gun

Anenome and clown fish

Fujikawa passage way

gas mask in hold

Propeller shot

skip & Robin


Tank on Deck

Tank on deck



Shark Dive

Shark dive

Lion Fish

Cable winch


Mast and diver

Deck Gun

Bullet clip

Ship passage

Robin and Tommy




Tommy and Jelly fish


Tridecta Clam

Hawaii and Pearl Harbor

John, Robin & Skip

John & robin

Skip, Jim, & Buck

Buck and Skip

Wall of Honor- 1177 Seamen

Arizona Memorial

Carrier Ronald Reagan


Nuclear Sub Bowfin

Bowfin Torpedo Tube

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