Skip's Progeny as of '03
(As Relayed by
"The Actress")

 Synopsis: They've been all over the globe including brief stints in Switzerland, China, exotic Williamsport Pennsylvania, exciting Newtown CT, but finally landed in New Jersey. 

Starring in No particular Order (although note that Bill is listed first....)

"Golden Boy"---------------------------------Bill Huisking

"The Smart One"------------------------------Sara Huisking

"The Actress"---------------------------------------Laura Huisking

"Bobo"------------------------------------------Grace Huisking

Bill Huisking- is affectionately known by some of you as "The Booper". He wows and amazes audiences by making and staring in his own films and occasionally performing the "Tonto Jump on It " Dance with his cousin Lenny. He currently attends Georgetown University where he is getting a degree in International Business. He also moonlights as a model Running back for the Hoyas(#6) football team. It's his last year at Georgetown, so try and catch a game before Golden Boy ends his illustrious career as one of their captains.


Sara Huisking- is in her sophomore year at Syracuse University where she displays her academic genius to all those around her. Since their father only has room in his heart for three of the children, it will be a definite that Sara will be one of those due to the fact that she will be the most successful, therefore making the most money in order to support Skip's expensive diving existence and keep him in the life that he has become accustomed to. Her hidden talent lies in making CD mixes and downloading songs from movie scores. This summer, she has plans to knock down the walls of her older sibling’s rooms, to make her own apartment complete with a kitchenette and wireless internet. We’ll let you know how that endeavor goes. Sara on Halloween 2003 >>>>>>>>

Laura Marie Huisking- is a recent graduate of Loyola College. She now works at Pearson Education, where by day she dabbles in International Rights, and abuses her Creative Writing degree. Most often her nights consist of singing in the Karaoke circuit, a sub-culture in its own right, and winning competitions. She lives in Hawthorne, NJ a mere five miles away from her father. Occasionally they get together for family meetings at the local movie theater. She likes to torture her respective family members by making them sit through her numerous plays and concerts. Sometimes she displays incredible attitude.

Grace Fujia Huisking- the newest edition to the family is referred to warmly as  "the 25,000 dollar kid". She is going to attend the University Of Notre Dame and go on from there to discover the cure for cancer since living with her is "like living with a midget cause she's so darn smart" (direct quote from Skip Huisking). Occasionally we threaten to send her back to China but she doesn't understand so it's not as much fun since we can't really hold anything over her head. Her favorite thing is getting tossed around really high at the Ridgewood Y, where other parents look on in abject horror while she just laughs. Yeah, she's a Huisking all right. Check out trip to China to get Grace.

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