Robin, Skip & Laura's Trip to China
Beijing Day One Friday 17th
After a sixteen hour direct flight from Newark (50 miles from from the North Pole and over Siberia) to Hong Kong, a two our layover in Hong Kong, and a 3 hour flight to Beijing, we finally arrived totally jet-lagged and tired. We crossed the international date line and after a good nights sleep we joined the others for sightseeing in the City. On the First Day, we visited the Palace, Tianenmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Pearl factory. Hit Counter

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They checked our Passports to make sure we were from the same family.

What we carried Laura on! The emporeres Taxi

Emporers Throne

Emporers Greeting area

Palace entrance

Forbidden Palace Courtyard


Which one is Mao?

Moat around Forbidden City

My official Mao Watch

Thinking Place

Forbidden City Palace

Summer Palace Garden

Summer Palace Lake

Laura in Summer Palace

Lunch with the group

Mao's Tomb

Forbidden City Entrance

Palace Entrance

Sculpture at Summer Palace

Opening the clam for the Pearls

Brass Pots

Robin at Echo Spot in Forbidden City

Ancient Man Statue

Rock Wall home

Roof Lions

Which is the Pearl

Summer Palace

Tianenmen Square

Summer Palace Lake


Tile Wall in Summer Palace

Tianenman Square

Square Monument

Fire Water Pots in Forbidden City

Workers Memorial

Worker Statue with Mao

The special Pearl Cream "Before Use"

The special pearl cream "after use"