Robin, Skip & Laura's Trip to China
Chonqging: Picking up Grace
Jan 20th 2003

After waiting for the fog to lift we flew to Chonqging 6 hours late - too late for Grace to be brought on Sunday. Chonqging is the largest industrial City in China and unlike Beijing, it is much more what we expected of China. Much more crowded and less directed toward the west. There are 7 families traveling with us and we all went to the Dept. of Social Services to pick up the babies and begin the paperwork process. Sight seeing is not nearly as available as Beijing so we will do a lot of local tours visiting Power Plants, Sanitation facilities, factories, etc.

The family portrait

Getting the fingerprints done

My new sister

The Women

New Mommy

Just like Sara

Group shot

Two cute girls

Laura sympathizes with Grace

Taking notes for Grace

Grace sizes up Robin

The exit sign from the building

Who would have thought this would happen again?

The warranty !



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