Guanzhou Monday and Tuesday: ONE MORE DAY !
We took her for her final medical exam today (MRI, CatScan, EKG, Nuclear Stress Test, etc). Actually they shake a rattle and if she turns her head it means she is not blind nor deaf and ok to send to the US. Luckily they found the small microchip embedded behind her left ear and we had it removed so she would not automatically try to overthrow the US government when she turned 21. Which I assume was the programmed date.
We then went to the embassy where we got her Visa and after paying $335 for the privilege, we all gave great homage to the Consulate for all their fine work.......
Felt like home in New York City as we got ripped of by the classic taxi driver scam. We walked to a small shopping area but decided to take a taxi back because of all the stuff we purchased. Handed him the card that said "Take me to the Swan Hotel" in Chinese. Other families did the same thing and cost them 7 RMB for the 10 minute ride. Ours took us the "long" way and the meter read 31 RMB or about $3.90. How mad can you really get?
Tonight we did a river boat dinner cruise. Similar to the World Yacht Dinner Cruise around New York City but slightly less expensive; 100 RMB per person which is equal to $12.50. Thank God we did not have to pay for Grace - she eats like a horse, possibly because she was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse.
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The "Pearl of Guanzhou"

Chow Line

Dinner Cruise Boat

Grace Happy

Rob & Grace

White Swan Hotel in Background

First Picture as Citizen

Chairman Mao

Group Shot

Happy U.S. Campers

View of the River from our Window

On the boat deck