Quanzhou: The Final Leg
We arrived in Guanzhou where the American Consulate is located. Here we get the final US paperwork to bring her home to her new country. It is a beautiful City heavily involved in Trade and is much more westernized than Chonqging.
We said goodbye to Laura as she returned to the US. As we wait for the Consulate to open on Monday, we did some sightseeing today Saturday and Sunday. Even attended a Buddhist service where the kids were blessed. Hit Counter
Hopefully we can get the Superbowl on the Hotel Cable !
Been doing a lot of eating at the local restaurants. Here they call them "Restaurants" not Chinese Restaurants and the food is food, not Chinese Food !

Budha Statue

Grace "Happy"

Grace and Local

Budhist Blessing

Buddhist Service

Group Stroll

Karen and Anna Grace

Double Take

Grace's Old Man Look

Rob & Grace


Double take

Temple Roof