Robin, Skip & Laura's Trip to China
"Receiving Grace"
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Grace has announced that she refuses to wear anything except clothing with Chairman Mao on the fabric. Here she is getting ready for bed.


We took a river Cruise on the Pearl River Monday night >>>>>>>>>>

           Check Rob and Grace in the Taxi - No Seat Belt >>>>
<<<<<Visited Samson's "special DVD supplier". Check out the latest specials.........

Note my Beijing 2008 Hat
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The Next OrangeWoman !

As we walked through the city, the people were fascinated by the Americans with the babies and they all gathered around us to see.

Click on the links below for Pictures as they are posted ! We will be trying to post them during the trip as we get to hotels where we have access. Click on some of the pictures to enlarge them too.

Hope you enjoy sharing in our journey. 

Robin and Grace Walking in Quanzhou >>>>>>>

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Trip Over & Beijing Sightseeing 1/15 - 1/18     Newark to Hong Kong to Beijing. Visiting the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, McDonalds, and the local Dive Shop
Pictures on Day 1
Pictures on Day 2

Chonqging City: Pickup 1/19 -  1/24         City where Grace is picked up from the Orphanage and all the Chinese paperwork is completed.
Pictures Day 1
Pictures Day 2

Day 3: Chonqging Zoo
Day 4: Buddhism Land Tour
Last Day in Chonqging and Flight to Guanzhou

Guangzhou City: US Embassy 1/25 - 1/29     City where final US paperwork is completed. First Picture of the new US Citizens. Look Happy don't they?
Saturday and Sunday Pictures

Monday & Tuesday Pictures
Post Script & Reflections

Fly Home from Hong Kong 1/29: No pictures/live version only!
Continental Flight 98 Arrives 2:45pm

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