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Almost 300 years ago, In the very early 1700's, Franz Huisking married Maria  Catharina Hiltermann somewhere in or around  Borgloh or Helfern, Germany. They had several children. One, Bernard Heinrich Huisking was born on May 1, 1768 in Borgloh. He married Maria Anna Middendorf and also had several children. one, Jakob Ludwig Huisking was born in 1805 in Helfern, Germany. He married Catharina Maria Elisabeth Hausfeld and they had nine children.
The ninth, Heinrich Timotheus Paulus Huisking was born in 1850 in Freren (Osnabruck) Germany. At the age of 15, "he was approaching the age he would have to serve in the German army and he detested the Prussian arrogance that controlled it so he decided America offered the best opportunity for his future". In 1865 he passed through Ellis Island and settled in Brooklyn as Paul H. Huisking. He married Sophie Bertha Quabach in New York and also had nine children. In 1893 or 1894, he made his only trip back to Germany.
Upon returning, he told his his children "he was glad to have seen again the land of his birth and to visit with the members of his family, realizing that it was the last opportunity for him to do so. He told some amusing family anecdotes but then he became serious and said very solemnly, 'you children should get down onto your knees every day and thank God for the privilege of having been born in this great country, the land of freedom and opportunity'".

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Genealogical History (from
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Fifth Generation Eastern US Lineage (click on pictures to enlarge)
The third child born to Paul Heinrich, Charles Louis Huisking, was born on Feb 2, 1885 in Brooklyn New York. Charles Louis married Catherine Perridge in 1911 and had eight children. Their second child, William Walter Huisking (my father), was born on October 17, 1913, married Georgiana Elizabeth Shea on May 30, 1942 and had six children. The pictures on the left, shows Charles Louis and his entire family. (Frank, Bill, Dick, Charles, Charly, Ed, Evelyn, Claire, Jean, Catherine)
William is the second from the left.  That's also him -William -in pictures on the right. Enjoying a cigar and drink on a 747 before the smoking ban and dressed in his favorite Notre Dame gear. Check Rick's Column to follow ND this season

At Charles Louis' 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1961, his entire Clan got together for a celebration (except for Rick). Here is a picture of the entire group.


Western US Lineage
The second child of Paul Heinrich and Sophia was Louis Theodore Huisking born about 1880. Louis married Anna Boog and had three children. Unfortunately, Louis was stricken during the 1919 influenza epidemic leaving Anna and her brother Carle Michel Boog to raise the children. One of the children, Joseph Carle Huisking was born in 1909, married Viola Paulina Chavez, and eventually moved to the west coast. Joseph Carle and Viola had 3 children who remain in the western region. Click Here for more information on this side of the family.

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