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These short clips should play on both Windows (through the Media Player) or Mac's (through QuickTime) - see below. They are short clips 30-60 seconds not requiring much memory. They should play within 30-60 seconds once you click on the link.  If they don't play immediately when clicking on the link, you can try saving the file to your desktop and then opening your player (Media or Quicktime) and then do "file Open" and go to the desktop to play the file. You can get quicktime for windows below - its the recommended player. both are free.

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Tee Ball Final Game 6/12/08 Chinese Pageant Jun 07   Skip's Meadowlands Interview June 08  
Field Day 5/19/08 Grace China Pickup Feb 03   Skip's MY9 News Interview  
 Tee Ball 4/08 Hackensack River Keeper Cruise 7/08   Skip's B24 Liberator Flight Oct 08  
Aquarium Kindegarten Trip         
Grace Dance Pageant 07: Historical Video !!!   Bass Attack:  
Grace Monorail Ignoring the view 1991 !! Mom's 74th Birthday & Pool Party in Ct.   Bikini History & Dive:  
Grace Xmas Pageant 2006 Skip's 40th Birthday Bike Ride in Black Forrest.   Manta Ray, Shark, Octopus Thailand 4/07  
Grace Swim Mund Switzerland Hike 6/90   Whale Shark Utila 07  
Dolphin Swim     Australia Trip 10/07  
Skunk Attack     Shark Feed  Australia 10/07  2 minutes  
Wii Adventure NYC 12/07 3:32am     Manta Ray Australia 10/07  2 minutes  

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 Quicktime Player for Windows (recommended) is the website for the free download of the player for your computer. It is a secure, virus free site. is the site for the free download for the Quicktime player. It is secure, virus free site.

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