Notre Dame Weekend Sept 28th- Oct 1st 2006
Approximaltely 45 family members, friends, and Ne'r-do-wells descended on South Bend for the Weekend. No one was arrested although Bill was threatened by a Campus Cop because he attempted to walk between the trombone and drum sections to get through the long line.

We visited the Huisking Technology Center at St. Mary's, the Engineering facility at ND and visited with the Huisking Chair Professors to find out what they are doing with the discretionary funds !

Emil T. was particularly happy to see us ! As you can see, he donned his helmet and uniform to greet us as we entered the stadium !!!


Frank Jr. & Kelly drove an RV all the way from Virginia stocked with great food from their restaurant. We had a great time at the Pep
Rally, Bistro Restaurant, Grotto, and the book store gave us special thanks for all our withdrawals....


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